“Under Arima’s skillful staging and Todd L. Underwood’s equally deft choreography, however, the performances in this NSMT production are all kinetic and truthful. During the celebratory ‘Ragtime Promenade’ in which parishioners are enjoying a carefree church social, the ensemble moves collectively as a united body yet each character still expresses his or her own individual personality by making unique movements and seemingly improvisational gestures. In rousing spirituals like the jubilant “Lift Up Your Voice” and the Act II revivalist opener ‘Pick Up the pieces,’ the ensemble led by the very charismatic André Garner as the Minister makes it almost impossible for spectators to remain silent or immobile.” Abyssinia
- Jan Nargi

“...company burning up the stage with Todd Underwood’s infectious choreography, bending low and scooping up those broken hopes and dreams and thrusting them into the sky, all arms high in the air in triumph.”
- Beverly Creasey

“Choreographer Todd L. Underwood gets his cast of professionals dancing like ordinary folks, even when the younger set is showing their stuff.”
- Will Stackman
Aisle Say